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About Me

Jenn Jones

Loving, kind, friendly
Goofy, fun, sarcastic
Dedicated, independent, outgoing. 

Arizona State University

Majored in:
Family and Human Development

Because she loves people and wants to help them.

To either work for a non-profit agency helping people with developmental disabilities or
to become some type of counselor or psychologist for those struggling with life and all of its hardships. A marriage counselor would be an awesome and rewarding job! But who knows...

 I guess we shall wait and see where life takes her!

Jenn loves:
Her family, friends, random people, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, tennis, photography, smiling, late night chats, making up dances, quotes, photo albums, skipping (instead of walking), and singing out loud in the privacy of her own home and car.

Contacting Jenn: