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09 July 2014

Paris, France: July 7th

Today we started off with a fun journey to the train station to reserve our tickets to Barcelona. We thought this would be a quick thing... Boy were we wrong. We ended up circling the huge station a couple times trying to find the "international tickets station" that a worker told us to find. We kept looking for a sign that said something to that effect in French and couldn't find it. We asked at least 4 people before someone understood us well enough and spoke clear enough English to send us to the right place. Then when we got to the ticketing area, that didn't have a "international ticketing" sign, we waited in line for over an hour. This made for a good time to have lunch and write in my journal. So this took the place of a museum, but was a funny experience.

The Louvre
Seeing all types of ancient art at The Louvre was incredible!! It made me wish I could remember everything I learned in my art history class from my freshman year of college! The highlights were seeing the real Mona Lisa painting and Aphrodite.

Modern Art Museum
Not much to say for this place besides the fact it was pretty unique and very odd. The coolest part was a chalk board exhibit that we could draw on! 

Arc de Triumphe

Only had to climb, what felt like, 1,000 stairs to see this gorgeous view from on top of the arc! 

Just trying to blend in:

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