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14 July 2014

Barcelona to Rome: July 12th

Saturday morning we hopped onto the plane from Barcelona to Rome!! We took an airline called Ryan Air that has cheap flights to different countries within Europe. 

From the airport we took a train to the metro where our host came to pick us. It was a little weird because he knew what Alex looked like from her profile, but we had no idea what he looked like. Luckily Alex stands out quite a bit in Italy with her fair skin and red hair so he was able to find us! He walked us to our place that was only a couple minutes away from our metro. We got situated into our room and hit the streets running with everything we had on the agenda for the day!

The Colosseum:
We started our Rome adventure with a tour of the Colosseum! It was very interesting to learn about! A lot of the things that happened in the colosseum were really sad. People would watch Gladiators fight to the death and sometimes men would fight packs of starved animals. The men who would be fighting were mostly criminals. I was pretty shocked bt a lot of the information he shared with us. This is somewhere I want to do more research in now. It's also unreal to me that it was built around 80 AD!! AMAZING!!

There are so many incredible artists!

The Forum:
This tour talked a lot about Roman history. Our guide was a volunteer doing his PHD in Roman history and I'm pretty sure he shared with us every fact he has learned in school. Most of it went right over my head! I thought it was just me but then I noticed everybody else zoning out and Alex said she was starting to get a migraine. Haha! I do remember him talking about Brutus and Caesar and their relationship and why Brutus killed Caesar. This was their stomping ground!

Trevi Fountain:

We were really looking forward to the Trevi Fountain and were slightly disappointed when it was under construction and there wasn't any water coming out of it. This was a let down. Still cool to be there though and see it in person. 

As we were wondering around the streets we ran into a Hard Rock sponsored concert in the plaza! It was fun to be there with so many people! I have no idea who the singers were though. While we were there they passes out free gas water and I tried it for my first time. One word: nasty. 

Alex and I ended the night with by taking the Dolce Vita stroll down a cute street in Rome. We had a great time soaking in the city, watching the street performers, and enjoying our gelato! :)

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