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22 July 2014

Italy to Switzerland: July 20th

We got to have a nice birthday video chat with Alex on her birthday! I wish we could've been there to celebrate with her! Well actually, let me rephrase that... I wish she could've been with us (in Italy) to celebrate! 

Lexi, hope you had a great birthday!! I love you!

Travel Day!!

Today we traveled from La Spezia, Italy to Düdingen, Switzerland! We pretty much traveled all day. The train we planned on taking, that would've been a straight shot to our place, was full so we had to get creative with our new path. We found a way to hop to 3 different stations to arrive at the place we were spending the night at. The only problem is that it would take forever and get us to our final destination around 12:30am. We were able to get in contact with our host and she was very nice about our situation and said she would send her 17 year old daughter to pick us up at the train station and walk us to their house. What a relief!!

These are the kind of days that we have to be really flexible and laid back. We learned early on that things normally don't go according to plan, but it all works out in the end! 

At one of our stops in Domodossola, Italy we had 2 hours to kill before our next train ride. We had a great time exploring the city a bit. It was the cutest town!! We definitely stood out as we were walking among the locals with our backpacks and cameras! I should also add that we both looked our traveling best... Not much make-up, nasty hair, and I even wore my sweatpants in public (and not just for pj's) for the first fine this trip. No need to waste make-up, hair product, or cute clothes since we are living on limited resources. The glamorous life of backpacking through Europe and being on trains all day! :)

Thumbs-up & Finger guns... 'Murica!
(Shout out to Andrew! I know how much you love the finger guns! Haha)

Smiling for the camera, but this is more like it! ;) 

After a long day of riding trains we eventually made it into the small town of Düdingen, Switzerland! Our host's daughter walked us to their house that was surrounded by rolling hills! It was pitch black while we were walking so I didn't actually see the hills and greenery until the morning when I looked out the window. 

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