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12 July 2014

Spain, Barcelona: July 10th

Barcelona is so beautiful!! I can't get enough of the architecture, the colorful apartment buildings, and the simple lifestyle. It's so much more relaxed and calmer here compared to Paris! I'm loving it!!

Today we did lots of exploring down cute streets, visited the Pablo Picasso museum, saw a cathedral, relaxed, attempted to talk to our new friend who lives at the place we are staying at who speaks Spanish, waited for Alex's man to email her from the MTC while we were in wifi, and had kebab for dinner! It was our first day that wasn't super structured and it was nice to have a little down time. 

I couldn't stop taking pictures as we saw so many dreamy streets! I had to really control my desire to take pictures of everything and everyone! Haha

Me and Tony

While Alex was taking a picture of me on the street, Antonio did some hand signal to me, apparently people do that here to show interest, and said that I was pretty. He came over and asked to take a picture with me. Alex was enjoying this moment a little too much and already had the camera ready and I couldn't resist this toothless man's charm... So we took this picture! After that we introduced ourselves, he gave some nice compliments, and went on his way! He seemed to be a great guy, but I don't think things would work out between us with the language barrier. Unfortunately, my high school Spanish skills don't get me very far! Bummer!

Church of Santa Ana

Pablo Picasso Museum

This museum was really cool! I wish we could've taken pictures inside so you could see. This museum had a collection of Picasso's artwork from when he lived in Spain from age 12-24. After this period of time he left to Paris and his work took off! It was really interesting to see the progression of his artwork and watch it evolve into the style of work he is known for. What a creative and talented individual!! 

Since I couldn't take pictures in the gallery I took some of the post cards in the gift shop. Haha!

Trip to the market:
What a fun experience! I wish we had more markets in the states! Don't get me wrong, I've gained greater appreciation of stores like Walmart and Target while I've been out here! I love that you can go to one place and get everything! It's nice to have so much fresh food in one place though. It's crazy to think that the market is a part of people's normal, every day routine!

The dead fish grossed me out. They just lay there staring at you... Sick!

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