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20 August 2009

My new home

I am officially all moved in to my apartment! The only thing missing is ME. Until I find a car, which will hopefully be happening very soon, I am stuck at home. Once school starts I don't really have a choice but to be in Tempe and ride the bus (if I don't get a car). haha. I really hope it doesn't come to that.
Here is my new room to the left! It's kinda messy because this is the first day I was moving in, so don't mind the boxes and stuff. I would like to thank my family and friends that helped me out in any way with moving. I would especially like to make a HUGE THANKS to Aaron!

He helped me every bit of the way and I couldn't have done it without him. Thanks for being so
willing to help me out and serve! You are the best! :) This is us after sweating in the heat for hours loading and unloading my things. haha

Overall I like the apartment! There were a few things that made the move-in a bit a bit less exciting... like glass on the carpet, sunflower seeds along the baseboards, broken cabinets, dirty showers, very slow flushing toilet, missing door stops, and stuff like that. lol. Not quite "move-in ready" but oh well, it's all good and some of it's taken care of now. Well that's my update for now! Bye!

25 Things about me...

1. I LOVE looking at wedding and engagement pictures!!!! I think being a wedding photograhper would be an amazing job!
2. I like the idea of working out more than actually doing it.
3. I really like days where I don’t have anything I need to do and I can do the random things that I don’t normally get around to doing… like reading and writing in my journal.
4. I have naturally curly hair, in case you haven’t noticed. lol
5. I like smiling! Especially at people that I don’t know very well, or at all. I think it is fun to see their reactions.
6. I like learning about people so I tend to ask a lot of questions at times.
7. I have CRAZY sisters and we always have a BLAST together! They are also my best friends. 8. I like playing tennis and since I haven’t been able to find many people that play at ASU, I have resorted to the next best thing, PING PONG!
9. I think small towns are adorable! (I like the cute, old fashioned houses the most)
10. Family history is very interesting to me.
11. I like purses.
12. For the most part, I extremely dislike shopping.
13. I like taking pictures and normally always have my camera with me.
14. I enjoy writing things in my planner.
15. I have 8 siblings.
16. I like receiving and writing letters.
17. I collect quotes and I keep them in my awesome quote box.
18. I am half Italian.
19. I like doing weird things like dressing up crazy and making up fun dances.
20. Taco Bell and In-N-Out are my favorite fast food places.
21. I tend to have a good memory for things that are not school related.
22. I like playing board games, card games, and any other random group game.
23. I’ll admit I am a competitive person. I like winning but I am not a sore loser.
24. 2 of my favorite scriptures: John 13:34 and Isaiah 49:15-16
25. I like going on the mountains and spending time with family. (Away from cell phones, computers, and TV.)

16 August 2009

Summer is winding down.

-Music Video
Here is a music video of my friends (Riki, Hunter, and Jeremy) and I. We had a lot of fun making this and are very proud of it! haha. (I love making up dances and doing weird things like this) Those type of memories last forever! Enjoy! :)

Dancin' Fools


I've been trying to take more pictures lately... so consequently my sister's have had to be my models. Here are some of the pictures I took. Both were pretty impromptu so they aren't the best, but they turned out ok.



Summer's winding down...
The things I have been doing to polish off my summer:
packing, playing tennis, scrapbooking, playing ping pong, dancing, taking pictures, somtimes working, babysitting a lot, looking for a car, hanging out with friends, and moving into my apartment. That about sums it up!

Last weekend Lex and I went down to Sedona to meet up with my dad and Alex! We hung out over there for the weekend and went to different views, made some awesome bracelets, and shopped. It was a lot of fun to spend some time with them before school started. :)

The 3 amigas/hermanas!

Girls Night!

I am blessed to have such great friends! :) It's sad leaving everyone during the school year, but at the same time it's excitng to have the opportunity to make new friends at ASU.

I'm basically all moved into my apartment! Overall, I really like it. When we first moved in the place was pretty dirty and there are still things that are kinda messed up that need fixed. That made the move a little annoying. Besides that, I'm excited to be living with my friend Jeevan in our apartment! :)


04 August 2009


To change my major or not to change my major...
that is the question.

This is the question that has been haunting my mind for about the past month.
I have a list of pros and cons and although the list favors nursing, I still am having a hard time committing to going with that decision. So many questions come up... for example the big ones:
What if I'm not smart enough?
What if I don't get into the nursing program?

So right now I am signed up for BIO 201 and I'm kinda hoping that class will help me determine if i I'm cut out for it or not. I'm also hoping I can get into another nursing class for this coming semester to help me decide. I'm not a huge fan of making these life changing decisions!