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04 August 2009


To change my major or not to change my major...
that is the question.

This is the question that has been haunting my mind for about the past month.
I have a list of pros and cons and although the list favors nursing, I still am having a hard time committing to going with that decision. So many questions come up... for example the big ones:
What if I'm not smart enough?
What if I don't get into the nursing program?

So right now I am signed up for BIO 201 and I'm kinda hoping that class will help me determine if i I'm cut out for it or not. I'm also hoping I can get into another nursing class for this coming semester to help me decide. I'm not a huge fan of making these life changing decisions!


  1. ahh. that nurse in the clipart is scary- don't be a nurse like her. haha.

  2. I agree with Noelle. Never wiggle your finger like that while holding a syringe, wear a tacky looking light(?) on your head, or get that haircut.
    I think that you should go in to nursing, for what it's worth...

  3. Yeah she kinda is a little scary, but I still think she's pretty cool! (and she was the most modest)haha!If I become a nurse I would try to look just like her! Even with the curley mullet thing she's got going! :) JK!!