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20 August 2009

25 Things about me...

1. I LOVE looking at wedding and engagement pictures!!!! I think being a wedding photograhper would be an amazing job!
2. I like the idea of working out more than actually doing it.
3. I really like days where I don’t have anything I need to do and I can do the random things that I don’t normally get around to doing… like reading and writing in my journal.
4. I have naturally curly hair, in case you haven’t noticed. lol
5. I like smiling! Especially at people that I don’t know very well, or at all. I think it is fun to see their reactions.
6. I like learning about people so I tend to ask a lot of questions at times.
7. I have CRAZY sisters and we always have a BLAST together! They are also my best friends. 8. I like playing tennis and since I haven’t been able to find many people that play at ASU, I have resorted to the next best thing, PING PONG!
9. I think small towns are adorable! (I like the cute, old fashioned houses the most)
10. Family history is very interesting to me.
11. I like purses.
12. For the most part, I extremely dislike shopping.
13. I like taking pictures and normally always have my camera with me.
14. I enjoy writing things in my planner.
15. I have 8 siblings.
16. I like receiving and writing letters.
17. I collect quotes and I keep them in my awesome quote box.
18. I am half Italian.
19. I like doing weird things like dressing up crazy and making up fun dances.
20. Taco Bell and In-N-Out are my favorite fast food places.
21. I tend to have a good memory for things that are not school related.
22. I like playing board games, card games, and any other random group game.
23. I’ll admit I am a competitive person. I like winning but I am not a sore loser.
24. 2 of my favorite scriptures: John 13:34 and Isaiah 49:15-16
25. I like going on the mountains and spending time with family. (Away from cell phones, computers, and TV.)

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