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02 February 2011


My church group did a personality test this week for an activity and it was really interesting! I love learning about personalities and I'm even in a personality research and theory class! I love studying people and seeing how much everybody differs. 
My test result was a... (drum roll please) ESFJ!!

Or they also say: Extra Special Friendly Joiner

The slogan is: "What can I do for you?"

The description I looked up online is from:
In my very biased opinion I think it describes me pretty well for the most part... but let me know if you think it's close or if it is totally off! 


Seller/Provider — "Extra Special Friendly Joiner"


  1. i'm not positive, but i'm pretty sure you were listed on my tag as someone i'm compatible with... what do you think? i promise i'll get my "cleaning the table" skills up to par for you!! :)

  2. YAY!! In that case, I think it could work out! haha! I for sure need somebody who knows how to "clean the table"! That's on my list of qualifications for a BFF! And btw, my thighs are still sore from pock, lock, and droppin' it! LOL

  3. Sweet! Did you just take the test? Do you remember taking this test with me in my ward last year and then we had to get up in front of everybody as they described it? lol