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07 January 2011

My 2011 Goals

Here are a few of my GOALS for the year! 
1. Learn to sew. 
Guess what I got for Christmas?! A sewing machine!! Do I know how to use it? haha... NO. 
My first project will be a snuggie! (If you have any good ideas about what sewing projects I should try please let me know because I am very clueless in the sewing world right now.)

2. Incorporate Preach My Gospel into my scripture study along with staying on track with my institute reading assignments. Also, I am going to start a scripture journal where I will take notes during my reading. (My biggest worry with this goal is TIME. But I have realized there's always time if I have the desire. So I will make the time by giving up something that normally wastes it. Which falls under a subgoal of being more productive with my time.)

3. Play the guitar more often and memorize songs.

4. Work out 3 times a week. 

5. Do more photo shoots of people and get back into photography

6. Learn the dance from Toy Story 3... Doesn't it look like so much fun?! 

Well, there ya have it! 
If any of the following GOALsound interesting to you feel free to join me and we can do it together or at least keep track of each other's progress! :) 
I may add some more later but I think that's a good start! 

(Ok, so some of these GOALmay look oddly familiar... Specifically numbers 3 & 4... BUT this time my subgoal beneath them is to keep working at it, even if my desire to accomplish them has faded away within a months time. lol)


  1. Jenn, I've realized after seeing this that we really are twins.

  2. Oh really? Do you want to learn how to sew as well?! lol

  3. Jenn... I love love love your goals!! :) Best of luck.. maybe we can sew together! I just sewed a skirt this week!


  4. Thanks Noelle! I would love to sew together sometime! You are a pro at that kind of stuff! That's cool you made a skirt... you should post some pictures! :)

  5. Well, If you would like to workout with me your more than welcome too :) I have the xbox kinect and geezzzz its a workout. I have zumba which will help you with your dance moves for your toy story dance, also i have a hard workout one and dance central which is super awsome :) hehehhe. Good luck with sewing, i used to love to sew but than i realized how bad i am at it. hehahaha. Good luck with your goals. YOU CAN DO IT. :)

  6. Thanks Cassie! I'm going to have to try doing Zumba with you one of these days! That sounds like fun!