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10 June 2009


At the end of May I was able to go to Utah to visit family and go see my sister, Alex, graduate high school! We had a fun-filled week with many fun and exciting adventures. So I will take you through a few of them that have been documented with pictures...

1) Alex's Graduation:
These are my siblings on the Jones side of the family. (minus Addison)2) One of the highlights of the week was OATMEALING! I don't blame you for not knowing what that is... I was just recently introduced. This is the perfect activity for those days where you are just aimlessly driving around town with a group of people, trying to figure out what to do. What you need: Oatmeal, water, a car, and a driver. What to do: Put oatmeal in your mouth, swish it around with water, and when you are at a good distance away from a car to where they can see you, pretend to throw up out of the window!! hahaha! It is so much fun and very entertaining! It's hilarious to watch people's reactions. So there's a random activity to try out sometime! :)
3) This is our friend Cameron Pruett, who is now serving in the Peru Trujillo Mission.
Our last time hanging out with the Camerons'! We had a fun time playing at the park!
This is one of the games that my familiy has basically made a traditon to play and to teach people. This is a very entertaining group game for people that are looking to have a good time and be goofs! KOOM-CHA! (This actually is an organized game, even though it looks like caos!)

4) Hike to the "C" on Cedar City mountain:

Me, my dad, and Lex on the hike

Finally made it! :)

5) Going to view sites with the sister and grandparents!

Zion overlook

My grandparents! (Craig and Bonnie Jones)

The JONES family!