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26 April 2010

Some thoughts

Jennifer Jones has decided that...
  •  Life would be much easier with an amazing memory.
  •  She doesn't like when people/"friends" speak a different language to each other in  front of her... kinda rude in my opinion.
  • She judges a guy based more on how they treat others than how they treat her. It’s easy to fake being nice to somebody you are trying to impress.
  • She makes things more difficult than they need to be.
  • School is a necessary evil.
  • People like knowing that they are known.
  • Everybody has a softer side… for some it is just a little bit harder to uncover.
  • It is difficult to become friends with those who are not willing to share; whether it is their time, life stories, fears, or their talents.
  •  A smile from any random person can brighten a day.
Those are just some random thoughts of mine!

21 April 2010


With those key points from above in mind... 
Here are some goals I will be persistantly working at! I tried to make them as realistic and specific as I can so I will actually follow through. I know it's not important that you know of these goals, but it's for my own sake. Knowing that they are out in public will make me feel more responsible to accomplishing them. :)

1. Do not procrastinate so much... get hw/ studying done before 10pm if possible.
2. Read scriptures todos los dias for at least 20 min... before 10:30pm.
3. Read at least one conference talk per week.
4. Go running twice a week.
5. Learn one new song on any instrument per month.
6. Last and most importantly... BE CONSISTENT with all of the goals I have set for myself... no slacking or excuses!!

20 April 2010

Walmart has provided many good times in my day... 

Looking back at old pictures from over the years... I have realized that Walmart has always been a great source of entertainment, especially in Cedar City, UT. It's the happenin' place in those parts! I have played countless games of hide and go seek, participated in several scavenger hunts, walked around aimlessly to see what we would find, and other times we would go to have intense games of air hockey in the arcade room.  It can also be a great place to meet new people and make some cool friends! (depending on the city and specific Walmart location you are at... be careful.) I don't care what people say...  Walmart is truly a great place and I love it!

Here are some pictures from our Walmart photo tag that we did on a double date! Nate and I decided to take some random pictures while we were searching for the other team to catch them on camera! I loved the looks we got from people as we suspiciously sped walked/ ran through the store. Some people even gave us hints to where the other team was at to help us win. This was definitely a fun time. 

                                             N-A-T-E                                          J-E-N-N

Movie night at the Drive-in theater!! :)
Cassie, Jason, and myself

We are goofs!

03 April 2010


Yup, that's right... We went flying in that plane on Friday! My friend, Clark, has his pilot's licence and took Brianna, Tyson, and myself for a ride! We had an AMAZING time flying over AZ and looking at the beautiful scenery! This was definitely a date I will not forget! 

Here's the whole gang! We doubled with Brianna and Tyson Smith! They are such a cute, newly wedded couple! :)

I was surprised at how green the Phoenix area looked from up above! Very pretty!

Preparing for landing!

In case you were wondering, we made it back to the ground safe and sound! Clark is an awesome pilot and we are all glad he shared his talent with us! (Thanks Clark!)

02 April 2010

March Madness!

First I will start with my SPRING BREAK! My family and I went to Las Vegas to go live it up and PAR-TAY! Or in other words, to hang out with family. :) I definitely had a good time playing with my little cousins, going to play in the snow at Mount Charleston, having a girls night out with my grandma and Lex, and going go-cart racing with the family! 
Here are a few pictures of my spring break...

Mount Charleston

The Little Ones

GO-CART RACING-- so much fun!!

Just a side note, I beat everybody in my family :) haha

Sisters! (Jenn, Anna, Lex)
As you can see, Anna is an angel! lol

Elder Bale
Yet another friend is out serving the Lord on a mission! Hunter Bale will indeed be missed!! It's ok though, because he is going to be such a loving and dedicated missionary! :)

Noelle, Hunter, and myself

Relief Society's Birthday Celebration!
I am so grateful for the Relief Society program in the church and all of the many blessings it provides to the women who participate in it, and also all those who benefit from the service that the amazing women give all around the world! Here's a sneak peak of the 2nd ward's celebration of the birth of Relief Society. :)