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20 April 2010

Walmart has provided many good times in my day... 

Looking back at old pictures from over the years... I have realized that Walmart has always been a great source of entertainment, especially in Cedar City, UT. It's the happenin' place in those parts! I have played countless games of hide and go seek, participated in several scavenger hunts, walked around aimlessly to see what we would find, and other times we would go to have intense games of air hockey in the arcade room.  It can also be a great place to meet new people and make some cool friends! (depending on the city and specific Walmart location you are at... be careful.) I don't care what people say...  Walmart is truly a great place and I love it!

Here are some pictures from our Walmart photo tag that we did on a double date! Nate and I decided to take some random pictures while we were searching for the other team to catch them on camera! I loved the looks we got from people as we suspiciously sped walked/ ran through the store. Some people even gave us hints to where the other team was at to help us win. This was definitely a fun time. 

                                             N-A-T-E                                          J-E-N-N

Movie night at the Drive-in theater!! :)
Cassie, Jason, and myself

We are goofs!

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