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02 April 2010

March Madness!

First I will start with my SPRING BREAK! My family and I went to Las Vegas to go live it up and PAR-TAY! Or in other words, to hang out with family. :) I definitely had a good time playing with my little cousins, going to play in the snow at Mount Charleston, having a girls night out with my grandma and Lex, and going go-cart racing with the family! 
Here are a few pictures of my spring break...

Mount Charleston

The Little Ones

GO-CART RACING-- so much fun!!

Just a side note, I beat everybody in my family :) haha

Sisters! (Jenn, Anna, Lex)
As you can see, Anna is an angel! lol

Elder Bale
Yet another friend is out serving the Lord on a mission! Hunter Bale will indeed be missed!! It's ok though, because he is going to be such a loving and dedicated missionary! :)

Noelle, Hunter, and myself

Relief Society's Birthday Celebration!
I am so grateful for the Relief Society program in the church and all of the many blessings it provides to the women who participate in it, and also all those who benefit from the service that the amazing women give all around the world! Here's a sneak peak of the 2nd ward's celebration of the birth of Relief Society. :)


  1. CUTE! So I'm glad we took those pictures with Hunter- we NEVER got a group picture.... I ruined the second one though because I was about to break out smiling.. geeesh. :)

  2. I'm glad we took those pictures too! That's sad we never got a group picture with him! I can't believe Hunter is gone though. It's so crazy all of those guys are out on missions now!