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30 May 2010

Congrats grads!

I have some awesome siblings... My brother, Anthony, just graduated from ASU and my sister, Lex, just graduated from high school! The end of May was like a constant party with all of the family in town for the graduations! I love being around so much family and having everybody come together. Graduation time is about the only time all of my siblings and all of my parents are ever under one roof. I am grateful that everybody gets along and that we all can have a good time together to celebrate the achievements of family members. Here are some pictures!

Anthony's Graduation from Arizona State University:
Anth and the parents (Dave, Anthony, Nancy)

Siblings! (Terese, Anthony, Lexi, Jenn)

Lexi's Graduation from Sunrise Mountain High School:


What a goofy gang... siblings from both sides of the family. :)
Almost got all my siblings together... M.I.A: Addison and Terese
(Jenn, Anthony, Lexi, Anna, Alex, Kennedy, Greyson)

The Grandmas

Lexi + our aunts


13 May 2010


Joseph B. Worthlin's 
Indecision can immobilize or paralyze us, hindering our preparation in mortality. We can become like the people of Nineveh whom the Lord described to Jonah as "persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand." The Apostle James observed that "a double minded man is unstable in all his ways." An old Swiss saying describes such indecision in these words:

With one foot in, with one foot out
You can't be in, you can't be out.
Not warm, not cold.
Not square, not round.
More poor than poor and always bound.
For such a man will never know
Where to begin, or where to go.

-- Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

02 May 2010

Chuck E. Cheese!!!

Our play date:
Let me start by saying, CHUCK IS THE MAN... I mean, MOUSE! Good thing we had my litter sister, Anna, with us so all of the big kids could have an excuse to play there! haha

(Me, Nate, Lex, Anna, Bobby)