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07 October 2013

Waves of Change

So many exciting and life-changing events are taking place in the lives of those I am closest to. Lexi, Rachel, and Jason are taking major steps in life and I couldn't be happier for them! I love each of them and will sum up all of the latest news for you!

Lexi & Taylor --> ENGAGED!!!
(My little sister & future brother-in-law)

Here is their engagement story from my perspective:
On a warm, Fall, Arizonan day Taylor took Lexi to Kiwanis Park for a breakfast picnic. They sat, talked, ate, took pictures, and the works. In the meantime, their favorite sister, Jenn (myself), was close by crouched behind a car on the side of the street creepily taking pictures of these two, anxiously awaiting the moment. I waited, took pictures of them, waited, and mostly got stared down by drivers passing by as I'm hiding with a big SLR camera. 

Finally I see some movement and Lexi quickly stands up off the picnic blanket and is jumping like a 4 year old saying, "Where is she?! Where is she hiding?!" haha, I assumed Lex was talking about me and figured Taylor had transitioned into getting ready to pop the question...

After the fact I came to find that she was talking about me, but Taylor's transition wasn't necessary when a random lady (that I couldn't see from my view) came and told them that there was someone taking pictures of them on the street. (HAHAHA!!) Taylor tried to play it off and was like, "Okay, thanks" and kept talking to Lex. The worried and concerned woman continued and said, "No really, there is someone taking pictures of you guys over there and I just thought I should let you know." (She'll never know she will be a part of their engagement story.) 

That was when Lex got up and anxiously was looking around for me, but also got really excited because she knew what was coming. (I would've loved to know what went through Taylor's mind at that time- Uhhh, not quite how I planned it, but I guess that's my que!) At that point he got on his knee, Lex was squealing and laughing like a teenage girl, he popped the question and asked for her hand in marriage, and she said YES!!! Happy day!! I am so excited for them and am glad I could be there to witness this event!

Rachel & Tim --> ENGAGED!!!
(My friend and roommate & her fiancé Timbo)

These two cuties got engaged as well!! I love both of them and think they make a great pair! You won't find a nicer and more caring couple! I feel lucky to have been here to witness their relationship from the very beginning up to marriage. I can't wait for their big day!! (Tim you owe me for stealing my awesome roommate!)

Jenn & Jason -->
Can you guess what's coming next?? 

Jason --> MISSION CALL!!!

Yup, that's right... Jason is going on a mission!!
He has been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Idaho Nampa Mission! He reports to the Provo MTC on November 13th. He is going to be such an incredible missionary and will be changing the lives of all those Idahoans!

I couldn't be happier for him to be going on a full-tme mission to serve the Lord! He will seriously be an such an amazing missionary! I really respect and admire his decision to serve, even with being 25 years old, graduated with an engineering degree, and having a lot going for him at home. He is sacrificing more than the average 18 or 19 year old boy to serve and will see incredible blessings because of that. He has had quite the journey getting to this point and is very prepared because of the work he's put into having a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although I am extremely excited for him, it will be really sad to let him go. 

And that leaves...

ME --> ???

There's a reason why this blog post is titled "Waves of Change." I'm feeling a large amount of change coming it's way and it's going to get crazy.

Right now:
Life is great! 
I am a senior at ASU and will be graduating in December. I am president of the Tempe LDS Institute Council at ASU. I am a research assistant on campus. I work part-time as a cognitive/brain trainer. I am dating an incredible and amazing man. I live with two great roommates and friends. 

I keep super busy with each of these aspects of my life and I love it! I enjoy being involved, serving, and spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, pretty much ALL of these things are coming to an end or drastically changing within the next few months. 

In the near future:
  • Jason, my boyfriend, leaves on his mission in November. This is going to be a really sad change for me. We plan to keep in touch, but in the meantime I'll probably still date around and see what happens. 
  • Come December I will be graduated! Woo hoo! No more school until I do my masters! 
  • My research assistant position will also come to an end when I graduate. 
  • Sadly, I probably won't be able to continue as the institute council president because I will hopefully have a full-time job next semester.
  • My right hand woman, Lexi, is getting married in January and I feel like I'll never see her again! I know that's not the case, but that's how it seems to be with all my other married friends. haha!
On a positive note, I know that change is good. Uncomfortable, YES. But it can also be very beneficial. It will be a great time for growth, new job experiences, random hobbies, hanging out with different crowds, and making new friends!

Last but not least, General Conference was great this weekend and helped me feel more hopeful about embracing all of this change that will be happening soon! I love hearing the words of wisdom that come from the prophet and apostles! Some quotes that I really like include:

 If you are experiencing big decisions or lots of change as well, remember that the Lord will guide you and will always be with you! It's all part of His great plan! :)