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10 June 2011

Nebraska, here I come!!!

Guess what?! My mission call arrived June 9, 2011!

Out of all of the guesses that were made I don't think anybody even came close to where I am going! haha!
(Nice try everybody!)

 Can I get a drum roll please...

I got called to the Nebraska Omaha Mission and am assigned to serve in the Mormon Trail at Historic Winter Quarters Site!! I report July 20th!


I could not be more excited!! Not only do I love the randomness of Nebraska but I especially love church history so I know that being at Winter Quarters will be an amazing experience. I have heard wonderful things about this historical sight and many people have told me it is one of their favorite church sites where they have felt the spirit so strong. I can't wait to be in such a wonderful environment teaching the gospel AND learning/ teaching church history!!

I opened my call with my amazing family and friends last night. I am so grateful for all of the love and support I have received! It was such an unreal experience opening the letter and finally knowing where I would be serving. I had a feeling I would be called to a state in the mid-U.S. and even told my mom that before everybody came over. It was thrilling reading the paper but honestly I wasn't very nervous beforehand. Maybe this was because it still didn't seem real but more than likely it was because I was fine with wherever I would go because that is where I'm supposed to be. Overall I think this is an awesome mission and I am pumped!!

This is me reading my letter to my family who was together around the computer in Utah!  That was really neat to see my  close and extended family all together to support me, even if it was through skype. For a while afterwards Lex just sat on the computer talking to some of our friends who were there. She was sad she had to miss out on the fun!

I am so grateful for my mom and everything she has done to help me with my mission! She is amazing!

Les Miserables makes us super happy!!!
Ryan, thanks for such a fun night!
 Les Miserables!!

One Day More... 
That's what I was thinking as listened to my favorite song while watching my favorite musical, Les Miserables, at Gammage on Wednesday! It was beyond amazing!! I couldn't stop smiling during most of the musical but specifically as One Day More was being performed. During this song I had a huge grin and got really excited thinking that One Day More I could have my mission call!! This line in the song especially stood out to me and related perfectly to me receiving my lovely, white envelope in the mail the next day... couldn't have been better timing!

Tomorrow we'll discover 
What our God in Heaven has in store! 
One more dawn
One more day
One day more!

06 June 2011

Patience is a Virtue

My mission call should be here any day now!! So far in this process I have been pretty patient and have kept busy to distract myself from the wait. That was a lost cause after my Bishop told me yesterday (Sunday) that my call was sent on Friday! That's faster than I expected and it can seriously show up any day this week now!! Oh my goodness! :)

My mission call is being sent to my house in Peoria and I'm currently living in Tempe. It's probably a good thing or else this would be me all day, everyday until the big white envelope came... 
Instead this is going to be me waiting for my mom to call with the news that my letter has arrived! 
Exciting times! I can't wait!

Want to hear some other exciting news?!!

Family Update

1. Me hermana Alex is in Spain doing a study abroad program.
She is loving the new culture and enjoying her Spanish classes! I'm just a tid bit jealous! Spain is soo pretty!! But Alex is even better looking... what a babe! :)

2. My sister Lexi is in Cedar City, UT for the summer.
This isn't as exciting because my partner in crime ditched me for a while. But it's all good! She's having a fun time chillin' with the family and escaping the heat for a bit!

Lex at the South Jordan Temple.

3. My brother Addison has left to Iraq with the U.S. Army.
This is pretty sad but at the same time a new and exciting adventure for him. Our family will miss him a lot but we are so proud of his decision and sacrifice to serve our country. I really wish I could've been there to send him off with the rest of my family. I'm sure if I were there I would've been a cry baby, so maybe it was for the best. The picture below of both my brothers makes me tear up every time I look at it. 

Friend Update
Lots of life changing events are happening with my friends as well!

  • Marriage: I am so happy for all of my friends who have already been married or are planning on getting married this summer!  There have been so many marriages lately it almost hurts my head to try and count them all. I am especially excited for Riki and Elise's weddings. These are some of my best friends and I am so glad they have found awesome men to love them more than I already do. haha ;) 

  • Mission: Kailei is going on a mission to Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission!! And let me tell you, she is going to be AMAZING! She is definitely somebody I look up to and admire! She is a beautiful and vibrant woman, who is kind to everybody, and has a strong testimony of the gospel.  It doesn't get much better than that! 

  • Moving: Aprill is moving to Utah today! Sad! We will all miss her but am excited for her new adventure! Yesterday our group of girls got together for the last time before everybody parts ways for a little while. But in less than 2 years, when Kailei and I get back from our missions, we will be having a reunion! I am so grateful we all became "real friends" as we served on the Tempe Institute Council last year!  I love these girls!!

Me, Kailei, Lauren, Aprill, and Jessica!
That's a brief summary of what's been going on in my life and in the life of some of my closest friends and family! Change is in the air!