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07 January 2011

My 2011 Goals

Here are a few of my GOALS for the year! 
1. Learn to sew. 
Guess what I got for Christmas?! A sewing machine!! Do I know how to use it? haha... NO. 
My first project will be a snuggie! (If you have any good ideas about what sewing projects I should try please let me know because I am very clueless in the sewing world right now.)

2. Incorporate Preach My Gospel into my scripture study along with staying on track with my institute reading assignments. Also, I am going to start a scripture journal where I will take notes during my reading. (My biggest worry with this goal is TIME. But I have realized there's always time if I have the desire. So I will make the time by giving up something that normally wastes it. Which falls under a subgoal of being more productive with my time.)

3. Play the guitar more often and memorize songs.

4. Work out 3 times a week. 

5. Do more photo shoots of people and get back into photography

6. Learn the dance from Toy Story 3... Doesn't it look like so much fun?! 

Well, there ya have it! 
If any of the following GOALsound interesting to you feel free to join me and we can do it together or at least keep track of each other's progress! :) 
I may add some more later but I think that's a good start! 

(Ok, so some of these GOALmay look oddly familiar... Specifically numbers 3 & 4... BUT this time my subgoal beneath them is to keep working at it, even if my desire to accomplish them has faded away within a months time. lol)

05 January 2011

Happy 2011!!

I love the holiday season because of...


Yup, four different trips to the temple lights with different groups of people! I got in my fair share of visiting the temple lights this season! I especially loved taking my family visiting from Utah to the lights because they had never seen the Mesa temple before, let alone seen all of the amazing lights. They were very impressed!


 David is home from his mission now!! CRAZY!! Here we are meeting him at the airport and hanging out making ornaments before Christmas! So glad to have him back home! :) 


These are some of the most amazing people you will meet! Institute council had a Christmas party and it was a blast! We ate and shared stories around a fire pit, had a gift exchange, and an ugly sweater contest! 

Guess who won the ugly sweater contest...
My slogan: "Do you want to pet the kitties?"

Jon would be sad (maybe even devastated) if I didn't add that he won the "Most Creative Sweater" award. lol. His jacket had lights, which was pretty impressive... but no match for the kittens! haha!

Our tradition pyramid picture!

Girls night!! 

The 3 amigos reunited! I love these ladies and am so glad we have been friends for so long and still keep in touch! Never a dull moment when we are together...
Elise and Cassie are weaklings! haha! I love making pyramids... and it's not my fault that I always take the pictures so i have to be on top! lol ;) I always end up crying with laughter at the end of our fallen picture. What an amazing tradition!


Returned Missionaries!!
Soo... guess what?! Dallin, David, and Bryson are back home from their missions!!! Where have the 2 years gone?? It was nice to see them again and have a little high school groupie reunion! It's amazing to see how each of these guys have grown and matured! 
Here are my West side amigos!! Go Peoria!



If only I were a kid again... 
But I definitely felt like one in the onesie pajamas my mom got for me and Lexi! haha!

Christmas morning with the family!!

It was so much fun spending time with the family on Christmas day and throughout the break! As you can see from this post, I am truly blessed with great family and friends!

I finally got my family to do some cute family pictures!! Every year I beg everybody to get together to do this but it never happens... but I didn't let the opportunity pass me by this time! I set the time, dress code, set up the camera and tripod and was the official photographer for our family pictures! :) 


My family from Cedar City came to visit Arizona!! 
It was awesome showing them around the area and having a great time together in the warmer weather! 
Giving the family the tour of ASU! :)
At the Colossal Caves in Tuscon, AZ.
 I have two wonderful families that I am doubly blessed with! 



My first time shooting... Watch out!!

My friend, Matt, took me shooting and a whole new world was opened up to me! I think I did pretty good for a beginner and I had a blast! 
And get this... I hit the clay pigeon on my VERY FIRST TRY!! 
That's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm very glad I can now say that for the rest of my life! haha! I feel like I've been deprived my whole life... who knows, maybe one of these days I'll be a pro shooter... and I'll owe it all to Matthew Kirkland. 


Celebrating New Years at Gameworks
... AGAIN! (click on link for the recap of last years celebration!)

Summary of the night: Fun games, amazing friends, , KARAOKE, dancing, breakfast at I-Hop, and late night girl talk! 

Me and Jessica playing Dance Dance Revolution!!

Just like last year, I think Karaoke was the highlight of the night! We sang Bohemian Rhapsody and several other songs till we were sweating bullets... literally! We were in such a small box and we fit in as many people as we could! :)

5... 4... 3... 2... 1.... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Noor, Jessica, Jenn

Dallin, Alex, Jenn

What an amazing way to polish off 2010! Overall it was a great year filled with awesome friends, incredible family, and wonderful learning experiences!