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27 January 2010

Not quite a dreamer.

I think this picture is quite hilarious! Probably because I think I am a realist and would be the one laughing at the dreamer (in a silent and nice manner of course). lol. There are downsides to both types of people though... having more of a reliastic point of view on life, I don't tend to make many risks and I enjoy playing it safe. This makes my life pretty easy and drama free most of the time. On the other hand, the dreamer takes risks and can more easily figure out what their potential is in the process of shooting for the stars. Like in the picture though, the individual may have to eventually be harshly awaken by reality with it possibly leaving them crushed. Sooo I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am glad I have very realistic expectations of myself, but I should also try and go above and beyond that and adapt some more of the dreamer qualities.

The other day I had the opportunity to learn ALL of the many details and requirements about becoming a Speech-language Pathologist. For awhile I was trying to decide how realistic this major is for me and if I was being "delusional" in pursuing this career.This was a good opportunity for me to realize that I have more potential than I give myself credit for and that with enough HARD WORK and HOPE that everything will work out. In this case I would like to think of myself as this hang glider... but maybe over a nice soft field of daisies or cotton. Yeah, that sounds much better than the "ocean of reality". I think I go sailing there enough... it's time for a new adventure to start!

03 January 2010

Happy 2010!!

I can't believe Christmas is already over and it is now a new year! Where is the time going?! Before I know it I'll be back in school studying my life away. While I still can, I am enjoying being home and spending time with my family! Here are some of the highlights of the break so far...

Here is Lex and I on Christmas day in our new matching shirts! haha! 

This is probably one of my favorite Christmas decorations at my home and it really defines what Christmas is all about. :)

Rag Quilt
Here is the rag quilt that I made Aaron for Christmas! This was a fun project and I would like to thank Noelle Davis for teaching and helping me! :)

Here is the blanket in the making! 

After many hours of work... here is the finished product! It was definitely worth it!

New Years Eve @ 

The Tempe University stake had a huge new years eve party at Gameworks and it was soo much fun! My friends and I had a blast! We got to play a ton of games, dance, and just hang out! 

Cassie and I!