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21 April 2010


With those key points from above in mind... 
Here are some goals I will be persistantly working at! I tried to make them as realistic and specific as I can so I will actually follow through. I know it's not important that you know of these goals, but it's for my own sake. Knowing that they are out in public will make me feel more responsible to accomplishing them. :)

1. Do not procrastinate so much... get hw/ studying done before 10pm if possible.
2. Read scriptures todos los dias for at least 20 min... before 10:30pm.
3. Read at least one conference talk per week.
4. Go running twice a week.
5. Learn one new song on any instrument per month.
6. Last and most importantly... BE CONSISTENT with all of the goals I have set for myself... no slacking or excuses!!


  1. Oooo I like this. I think I shall copy you if I am not too chicken to do so. :)

  2. I think that those are fantastic goals to make! Good luck with them! You still going to the temple once a week? Maybe you can make that #5.5 :)

  3. Thanks! And yes I am still going to the temple once a week! :)