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26 April 2010

Some thoughts

Jennifer Jones has decided that...
  •  Life would be much easier with an amazing memory.
  •  She doesn't like when people/"friends" speak a different language to each other in  front of her... kinda rude in my opinion.
  • She judges a guy based more on how they treat others than how they treat her. It’s easy to fake being nice to somebody you are trying to impress.
  • She makes things more difficult than they need to be.
  • School is a necessary evil.
  • People like knowing that they are known.
  • Everybody has a softer side… for some it is just a little bit harder to uncover.
  • It is difficult to become friends with those who are not willing to share; whether it is their time, life stories, fears, or their talents.
  •  A smile from any random person can brighten a day.
Those are just some random thoughts of mine!


  1. I love that all your posts are uplifting! I agree with these thoughts.

  2. Thanks Alex!
    ~~~xOXo~~~ (Remember the secret ~~?) haha