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14 July 2014

Barcelona, Spain: July 11th

The Mediterranean!
Alex and I decided to stop by the beach today and walk around. While we were walking along the shore I quickly remember we were not in a normal American beach anymore when I was getting flashed by women left and right. Ahh!! I definitely forgot that this was a trend in Europe. Haha! This is so strange to me!! I don't know how these women of ALL ages feel so comfortable to let it all hang out like that. It's definitely different, but I guess they don't have to worry about weird tan lines!!

No worries, I think most everyone has a top on in this picture. ;)

Sagrada Familia:
Today we went to visit the Sagrada Familia (Holy Family Church). The architect, Antoni Gaudi, is very popular in Barcelona. The church is very large, gorgeous, and still unfinished. Gaudi worked on this church for 43 years during his life and they are continuing to work in the church to complete his vision. The architecture outside and inside the building is so unique and amazing! I haven't seen anything like it! Here's a sneak peak at this amazing structure!

The ceiling of the church.

My favorite picture to show how amazing the inside of this building is. 

Gaudi Park:
Antoni Gaudi also constructed a beautiful community which is noise a park with more amazing architecture and gorgeous plants! This was a really cool place to explore!!

Alex was super excited to visit this place because The Cheetah Girls went there in one of their movies. (This was a Disney Channel movie back in the day). Haha! So in honor of the Cheetah Girls, we filmed Alex signing their song at the same location! It was soooo funny! She started off confident and then would get embarrassed when people would see her. Hahaha! The video we made is priceless! 

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