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20 July 2014

La Spezia, Italy: July 17th


This was a crazy day because we did a lot of train traveling and didn't really have a solid plan as to where we would be staying the night. We tried to make a reservation for a room on airbnb, but hadn't heard back from the host yet. So in between train stations we had to search for wifi to see if they had answered us about staying at their place that night. It can be a little bit stressful not knowing where you will be sleeping that night. It's mostly just confusing because you don't know what trains to take and where you want your end destination to be. 

We have grown to really like hanging out at train stations.

We eventually heard that their place wasn't available, which was actually a relief because then we could be a lot more flexible with where we wanted to train to and what could get us closer to the cinque terre, the amazing beaches in Italy. As we are standing outside a cafe with free wifi, in a city called Milan, we were diligently searching websites and apps to find a room to stay in at a resonable price. Difficult task when you are close to the Italian Riviera! Alex and I both came across a cheap room at a place called Hotel Nella. It said came up in the search for one bed and two people. The pictures looked reasonable... So we booked it! Then we quickly got vague directions to the hotel and walked back to the train station and trained another hour and a half to get the the closest station. When we reached La Spezia we had the fun task of finding the bus to take us there. We found the right bus and were a little confused as it started driving up a mountain! Haha! We were thinking, "Oh boy! What did we get ourselves into?"

Towards the top of this mountain the bus stops and we ask if Hotel Nella is close. The driver nods his head and points in a general direction. We quickly found it when we turned the corner! Hallelujah!
Although it seemed a little strange to be on the mountain, the view was gorgeous!!

On the website it said the room was for one person... We figured that was more of a suggestion rather than a rule... But just to be on the safe side I went alone to check in while Alex sat and waited across the street. Haha!

I was greeted by a friendly fellow at the front desk. I checked in and he guided me to our room. The moment he walked away I literally burst with laughter!! The room was SOO small and the bed looked like it was for a child! The image of Alex and I sharing that bed was hilarious and frightening! The floor even had tile so sleeping on the ground didn't seem like a good option. After the coast was clear I went out the side door and got Alex. She also had a good laugh at the room. Then I found that there was a pull out bed. What a life saver! 

Funny experience: After being in the room for about 10 minutes there is a knock on the door. Alex immediately runs to the bathroom to hide, making quite a bit of noise on the tile. I go to the door and it was the guy who checked me in. I'm thinking, "Oh great, he found out there are two of us!" But then he started telling me about happy hour the next day. (I was really confused and was thinking he must have forgot to tell me some info before). Then he suggests that I go to happy hour with him and hands me a card with his name and number written down. Gutsy!! (The creepy winks and head nods he kept giving me are what really clued me into what was going on! This guy is asking me out! Ahh!) So I immediately start kicking into excuse mode. Excuse #1: Thanks for the invite, but I don't drink. Him: That's ok. You don't have to drink. Excuse #2: I actually don't have a working phone without wifi, so I wouldn't be able to call. Him: Well, you have Facebook? You can find me on there and call or message me. (He goes ahead and writes down his last name on the card). Excuse #3: I have a "friend" in town so if I was free around that time she would be coming too. Him: That's fine! (Wink, creepy head nod). Me: Ok, thanks for the invite. I may be at the beach all day, but if not I'll let you know. Then we said bye and he left without getting any commitment from me, so I felt like I was off the hook. You can safely assume we made sure to be at the beach the whole next day. I also avoided the front desk at all costs after that to be sure to avoid a really uncomfortable encounter with my new buddy. Just couldn't handle the winks and head nods. As I replayed the conversation in my head, I don't know why I didn't use the most obvious excuse of telling him I have a boyfriend. Maybe because I'm sure he would have replied, "That's fine! We can go as friends!" Me: speechless... 

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