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12 July 2014

Paris to Spain: July 9th

Greeting from Spain!! 

Today, Wednesday, we took a 7 hour train from Paris to Barcelona! The ride was soooo beautiful! It actually went by pretty fast! I blogged, wrote in my journal, met some new friends, and talked to Alex. Some guys that we were sitting nex to are from Georgia and are backpacking around Europe for a month as well! Their trip was identical to ours so far except after Barcelona they are going to Switzerland and we are going to Italy. It was fun talking to them and hearing their experiences so far!

At the train station!

Made it to Barcelona and found the place we are staying at! The guy that we are renting a room from is named Sergio and he is really nice and also gay. That's why we felt comfortable staying with him. Unfortunately we weren't able to meet his partner, Andrew, because he was gone for the week. Bummer! Our room was small, but worked just fine for us! 

We made it to Barcelona safe and sound. Looking and feeling pretty gross from walking around with these monsters on our backs for a while. I don't know how, but they are getting heavier and heavier as the trip goes on! We couldn't be happier though!

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