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24 July 2014

Gimmelwald, Switzerland: July 21st

The Swiss Alps!

Visiting the Swiss Alps in the small town of Gimmelwald was INCREDIBLE!! I can't even describe in words how breathtaking the view is! So far the alps and Venice have been the most beautiful places I've experienced on the trip and probably in my entire 24 years of living! I just wish you all could be here with us!

Gimmelwald (AKA-Grindelwald):

Alex and I took a gondola ride up to a high point on the mountain so we could get an even better view of the mountains. The ride was so fun! We sang, we danced, we took some videos and pictures, and admired Mother Nature, of course. 

Making our father proud, "Hang loose, baby!"

When we got to the top it was still raining and even colder. The clouds were covering the tops of the mountains, but it was still gorgeous.

Such a breathtaking view!!! 

Theme quote in Switzerland:
Throughout our Switzerland adventures, Alex and I couldn't help but constantly and randomly quote the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. We especially love the part when she shows her boyfriend the photo album of their future family and says, "Here's our kids in Switzerland, yodel-oldeling!!" (One of my favorite quotes from my favorite movie! So fitting!) 

You can safely assume that we definitely got our yodeling on when we were on top of the mountain in Switzerland. That would've been a real shame and tragedy to miss out on that kind of opportunity. :) #YOLO!! 

While in Switzerland we stayed the night in another small town called Düdingen. This was about an hour and a half away from the other cities we spent a little time in... Interlocken, Burne, and Gimmelwald. 

This is the view from across the street from our house! Lots of greenery and rolling hills!

Alex and I thought this house's decorations were pretty sweet! Nome city!!!

We love our trains! :) 

Switzerland was an amazing place and we were sad to leave so soon! It's a beautiful country! The areas we were in were also very clean and well kept. That was a nice change compared to other cities we've been in. I would definitely recommend visiting the Swiss Alps if you get the opportunity! These pictures hardly show how amazing it is. 

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  1. Hey Jenn! You ladies look like you are having the time of your life! Isn't Europe just beautiful?!! I am an old friend of your Mom from high school, and we live in Stuttgart, Germany. If you happen through this area, our home is open to you girls! Have fun on your journey! Debbie Milby