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05 July 2014

London, England: July 4th

Highlights: Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, fish & chips, and WIMBLEDON!

Buckingham Palace
At Buckingham Palace we were able to see the changing of the guards! It was cool seeing the men in the red suits and fuzzy hats playing instruments. They formed a really impressive band. I was trying to imagine what the job qualifications must be for that job... Trained intensely in the military and part of the marching band in high school? Either way, they must be cool fellas! 

Honestly, we were pretty distracted from the actual event because of how crazy the tourists were. Some of them are really intense. As we are standing in a crowd a small Asian man shoved into Alex to get in front of her and then ended up directly behind me, shouting some language in my ear. I assumed he was talking to his family behind him in the crowd... But he could've easily been telling me to move or something. Too bad I couldn't understand him! Haha! It's really interesting being in that kind of touristy spot because you hear SO MANY different languages and accents. You also come across many different personalities as well. You have to love the diversity!

This picture can give you a glimpse at how many people show up to this! It's insane! 

The flag being up means that the queen is home. :)

St. James Park
Eating apples, talking, enjoying the nice weather, and people watching. 

We had to try some fish & chips to get the full England experience! It was "fantastic" and "simply splendid"!

Next we were off to Wimbledon!!!

It was so surreal to be at Wimbledon! I would've never believed anyone if they told me 6 months ago that I would have this kind of opportunity! Once again, Alex and I were like giddy kids on Christmas Day! 

We stood in a line for about 2 hours to get in and made friends with the people around us. We also got to play some mini tennis during the wait! It took some convincing to get Alex to play with me, but once a cute English boy told her it was just "a fun, casual knock around" Alex couldn't resist! The funny part is that there are a ton of people watching while they are waiting in line. We played on a tiny, fake grass court with squishy balls. Let's just say that our normal tennis skills did not transfer over. I could hardly play because my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. We called it quits when Alex served and almost hit a couple girls standing in line to play! Hahaha! This moment is by far the funniest of the trip so far! I'm sure the people watching us in line got a good laugh at the crazy American girls!
Now we can say we played tennis at WIMBLEDON!! Here are some pictures from our intense match! ;)

After having a "casual knock around" for the fans and "queuing" (waiting) in line for a while, we finally made it inside, just in time to see Federer's match against Raonic. It was the coolest experience ever getting to sit with the fans on the hill outside the center court and watch the semi-finals game on the big screen at Wimbledon! Federer won and is going to the finals! I just wish the rest of my family and boyfriend could've been there to enjoy it with me! We are all tennis fans!

I can now check this off my bucket list! :) 

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