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26 July 2014

Switzerland to Austria: July 22nd


Today was an intense travel day!

We spent 9 hours on the train traveling from Düdingen, Switzerland to Vienna, Austria! I spent most of the time reading Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent series. It's really good! I also got to sleep and do some blogging. I think Alex and I asked each other "would you rather..." questions for a really long time back and forth as well! Haha, the things we do to entertain ourselves!

Sleeping beauty!

Vienna, Austria:
Once we arrived to Vienna later that night we easily found the place were staying at! (Woo hoo!!) The girlfriend of our host greeted us and pointed out some cool things to do in Vienna. She was really nice!

We knew that schnitzels are popular in that area so we went for a walk and found a restaurant called "Schnitzel" and figured that sounded promising! So we tried it for the first time! Honestly, it tasted like normal fried chicken to me. Still good though!!

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