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27 July 2014

Vienna, Austria: July 24th


Today we went to a market and tried some falafel. I thought it would taste like a meatball, but it definitely didn't. Let's just say that we weren't he biggest fans. The market was really cute though!

Hofburg Palace:
Then we went on a tour of the Hofburg Palace! This is the complex of palaces where the Habsburg emperors lived. Pretty nifty! 

Vienna was nice, but I probably wouldn't plan to go back. (No offense, Vienna). We definitely felt like foreigners in this city! I don't know what gave away that we weren't from there, besides our accents, but so many people stared at us! It was also harder to feel super excited about Vienna because it had many similar sites as places we had been to in the past, just not quite as extravagant. It was nice to experience a new place and soak in a new culture for a little while. 

Continue readin for our favorite part of Austria!! :)

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