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27 July 2014

Vienna, Austria: July 23rd

The Opera House:
Vienna is known to be the world capital of classical music. That makes their opera house "one of the planet's premier houses of music," says our buddy and tour guide, Rick Steves. We took a tour of the building and were fascinated by the architectural history and all of the productions they've held there. It's sad, the main architect received a lot of negative feedback about the building's structure and people said it was dull and boring. Before the opera house was officially completed he committed suicide, which they assume was directly correlated with people giving him a hard time about the building. How sad is that?! Especially since people really admire the building now. Poor guy. 

St. Stephen's Cathedral

The Opera Concert!

The best part about our stay in Vienna was the Opera that we went to! It had everything... Classical music by an orchestra, opera singers, and dancing!! My favorite was the dancing and opera singers! There was a couple that did some Vienese dancing and it was so fun! I mostly enjoyed the male dancer who shamelessly pranced around doing high kicks, leaps, and the works! Forget about the Latin dancing, I found a new style that I need to get into now. I'm sure Andrew will be thrilled that I found a new hobby for us! Hahaha! After hearing the opera singers I also felt inspired to work on developing that talent as well. I'll start asap when I'm home in the states driving in my car, all by myself. This was such a fun, cultural, and motivating experience! :)

We couldn't take pictures of the performance, so here's what the venue looked like.

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