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10 July 2014

Paris, France: July 8th

On this morning we were supposed to go on a "Secrets of Paris" bike tour... But we ended up going on our own adventure because we were given the wrong address. Haha! Alex and I had to take the subway to a farther part of Paris and then were searching for the street this bike company was supposed to be on. We couldn't find it on the map or around us so I did what any normal lost tourist would do... Asked anybody I could! In total I asked 7 different people including a man at a cafe, 3 taxi drivers, and anybody who looked helpful! We were desperate because we didn't want to miss the tour! Most people had never heard of the street. The secretary at Best Western hotel was the most helpful and printed directions for us. What an angel! 

We got to the super small street and found the address, which didn't have any sign of a bike tour place. I asked some men at a local grocery store and they hadn't heard of it. One of the guys was super nice and let us borrow his phone and call the company. The lady who answered said we were at their main headquarters office and that there's a different meeting spot. I guess we didn't get that email and only got an email with the other address. Pretty annoying! We were bummed to miss it, but it was a funny experience. We learned that we are two determined ladies and that we can have just as much fun being lost as we can biking around Paris! Haha! It was cool to see how nice people are with helping us find our way. We were grateful to make a few new friends and that we were able to get a refund for the tour we paid for online. :)

Close to the area we were led to by the wrong address, we found a cute bakery to have lunch in. It was a nice change to be out of the main city of Paris and see the calmer parts.  

It also rained quite a bit today... Here I am with my trusty umbrella! Hahaha! 

Palace of Versailles 
At the Palace of Versailles Alex and I had a great time seeing how royalty used to live. Before we got in we waited in line for about two hours... Even with a fast pass! Half of the time it was pouring rain! That was pretty entertaining! Luckily it stopped after a while and we were able to dry off a bit before we went inside.

 Everything there is so beautiful!! It's unreal! We toured the Hall of Mirrors and the Grand Apartments.

The gardens are amazing!!

Another Eiffel Tower visit!

Overall, we had a great time in Paris! It was unfortunate it rained quite a bit while we were here, but that also created some really funny memories! Tomorrow we are taking a 7 hour train ride to Barcelona, Spain! Hello gorgeous weather and Spanish speakers! Can't wait!! :)

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