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29 July 2014

Rothenburg, Germany: July 26th


Rothenburg, Germany!

Such an adorable and cute town! We only were here for one full day, but had a great time roaming the streets, visiting a museum, walking the city wall, and going on a night watchman tour.

Hostel experience & getting sick:
We also stayed in a hostel for the first time! I've been wanting to try it out the whole trip, but we've never had a reason to because our rooms through are always cheaper than what a hostel would cost. In this case there weren't any rooms on airbnb to stay in, so we decided to go with the hostel right in town. We were in a room with two other ladies. It was kinda fun... besides the wifi being awful, having to get ready for bed without waking other people up, listening to intense snoring throughout the night, and trying not to wake people up when you get up in the morning. Other than that I think I enjoyed the experience! It didn't help that I got sick during this part of the trip so I couldn't really sleep the two nights we were there anyways. So while I was awake in the dead of the night, bored to death, I recorded the orchestra of crazy snoring from one lady, combined with the deep breathing from the other girl that was taking place. It was a beautiful arrangement!

I like to joke that Alex's prayers were answered for a couple days because I almost completely lost my voice for two days! She's had to listen to me talk nonstop for almost a month now! Haha, poor thing. She probably thought it would be a nice break... Until she realized I could still whisper and talk in a really creepy voice. 

I forgot how much I like to talk until my voice was gone and it's a struggle to say anything! Not fun when you're in a foreign country and people have a hard enough time understanding you without a low, raspy voice that cuts out like a boy going through puberty. Good thing I had Alex there to translate what I was trying to say or speak for me. :)

The Midevil Crime and Punishment Museum:

This was a super interesting museum! It showed many different ways that people were tortured and killed back in the day. It's crazy to think that was real! People getting their limbs stretched until they died, getting hung having big weights tied to their legs, and all sorts of wild things you wouldn't want to have happen to you

Table used to stretch people's bodies. Sick!

I thought the executioner's mask was really interesting. The drawing below shows a child getting disciplined in school... Riding on a donkey and wearing ears doesn't seem too bad compared to some kids getting whipped or put in a dark closet for a while. 

Walking the city wall:

I love colorful homes here!

The Night Watchman Tour:

This tour was led by a crazy, yet pretty funny, older gentleman. He guided a group of us around the city square and shared history from the Midevil time period. He told stories of how the city wasn't conquered for over 400 years and also talked about the World War II bombings by the United States. He shared a lot of interesting stories that helped us have a good idea of Rothenburg's history.

Here's our tour guide!

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