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29 July 2014

Salzburg, Austria: July 25th


Sounds of Music bike tour:

The Frauline Maria bike tour was the BEST TOUR OF THE TRIP!!! Alex and I had so much fun! We were like giddy little kids the whole time! Our tour guide was so nice and enthusiastic. She encouraged us to be our normal, goofy selves by suggesting picture poses to do at each site we visited that was featured in the Sound of Music movie. We also got to sing the songs as we biked around the beautiful city of Salzburg! Our tour guide lady had a little boom box that played the songs with. It was pretty sweet! I can't wait to watch the movie again to better recognize the places that we were able to see in real life!!

Don't know how I had the opportunity to represent Frauline Maria! Haha, nobody else would take the hat! 

On our bikes we had cards with pictures of the sites from the movie and also lyrics to a lot of he songs!! :)

The nunnery that Frauline Maria was at.

Frolicking through the fields to the tune of "the hills are alive... with the sound of music!"

Stopped to get some fresh milk along the way! Soo good!

Taking pictures while riding a bike is a lot harder than you would think...

Visiting the Von Trapp's house!!

My favorite spot... Featuring Lesiel and Ralph! :) 
Look familiar? "You are sixteen going on seventeen!"

Beautiful view of Salzburg!

I loved, loved, loved singing and biking through Salzburg, Austria! What a dream!!

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