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17 July 2014

Venice, Italy: July 16


Venice was a DREAM COME TRUE!! I felt like I was walking around in a post card or painting! Everything is sooo GORGEOUS!! I just wish every person I know could've been there with us to experience how amazing it is!

Alex and I had a nice and relaxing day in Venice. We took a boat to get to the different stop where you can see new areas. That was fun! We also took TONS of pictures! Even my best pictures still don't show how beautiful everything is. 

My favorite areas of Venice were the spots tucked down random streets behind the main stores where there would be cute bridges and houses backed up to water. It was so picturesque with the boats and gondolas riding between the buildings. Everything about Venice makes me so happy! Alex and I felt so grateful to be there and be experiencing the happiest and most beautiful place on Eath. (Disney Land has nothing on Venice!)

Gondola ride:
My favorite part of the day was going on a gondola ride!! We decided we couldn't go to Venice and not ride on a gondola! It was so much fun! We absolutely loved the experience and had the best time!!!

More pictures:

Can you tell how beautiful it is?! That's why I couldn't stop taking picture! I was constantly switching between my SLR camera, normal point and shoot digital camera, and my iPhone. Haha! 

I absolutely LOVED Venice and hope I can't wait to go back someday! 

"It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!" -Michael Buble :)

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