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16 December 2009

The Jones side of my family:
We took this picture over the Thanksgiving break at the St. George temple... definitely one of my favorite temples! Thanksgiving was a lot of fun and we had a grand ol' time hanging out with family and friends in Cedar City, UT!

Institute Winter Ball 
-Chris Lewis and I-

On 12/12/09 I crocheted my first beanie!! :) 
Yeah, I know you are probably thinking... "Oh my goodness! She can crochet?! That is the coolest, most trendy/ hip-happenin' thing ever!" haha... something like that at least. This is Chris, Danny, and myself breaking down the stereotype that only old grandmas crochet. :) We had a little crocheting get together and Chris taught us how to make beanies! You have to admit, that kind of event doesn't happen everyday! Honestly, I think they are the only guys I know that can crochet... and more power to them! I think that's awesome. Overall we had a fun time with this project and are planning to learn something new at our next crocheting "party"! If anybody would be interested in learning, let me know! 

Finished product:

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat!
(Random song I learned when I was in elementary school. lol. Does anybody really eat geese for Christmas? That's just weird! It's all about turkey and ham.)

My AMAZING roommate, Jeevan, and I trying to get into the Christmas spirit! :)

[This semester has been awesome with her! We are a friend/ roommate match made in heaven! We share everything from chores, food, random stories, youtube videos, music, boy drama, and much more! Somehow we can start with some small talk and end up talking late into the night about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! haha. We have some very entertaining conversations, to say the least. I am grateful for the amazingly smart, kind, and beautiful girl she is!]

Aaron and I

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