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13 November 2009

Thanksgiving is on it's way!

I am thankful for...
  • My family for loving me and always being there for me.
  • Aaron Brown being a part of my life and for his service, patience, and love.
  • My friends for caring about me.
  • The opportunity I have to go to school, even though it's not my favorite thing in the world. lol
  • Four parents that support and encourage me.
  • Eight siblings that I look up to and admire... no matter the age or household they live in.
  • The gospel and the role it plays in my life.
  • The temple and the opportunity I have to perform baptisms for the dead.
  • Home teachers that visit me, teach me, and eat my cookies. 
  • My awesome guy friends who are serving missions.
  • Acquaintances that know/ remember my name and say hi at school or wherever it may be. 
  • Strong, simple, and sincere testimonies.
  • People that smile.
  • Old and new friends.
  • Institute.
  • Inclusive people and those that help me to be a better person.
  • The baby rhino (my car).
  • My experiences and the things that I have learned from them.


  1. I haven't officially named my car... but I call it baby rhino. lol. In the reviews they compare it to a rhino so i've been going off that but adding baby because it's small. :)