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14 August 2010


Welcome to my thoughts:

I have come to the realization that one of the things that annoys me the most about people is *thoughtlessness,* which ties into selfishness. I just can't stand it. This is definitely the "ME Generation." (Click on link to read a talk given by Elder Dallin H. Oaks about Unselfish Service and the "me generation"). I can't stand to hear comments such as, How does that help ME? What do I get from that? It's not MY problem. I don't care.

When I hear these types of phrases it's sooo hard for me to not get on my soap box and start quoting off scriptures (John 15:12-13D&C 1:16, 2 Corinthians 9:6Matthew 16:24-25) or just bluntly say, "It's not all about you and you should care!" I don't know, maybe I'm weird or maybe I get annoyed too easily. Either way, everybody should care more for each other and be aware of what we say or do... and especially what we don't say and what we do not do. What an awesome world this would be if everybody would  lift each other up and always be finding ways to make others happier!

I am so grateful for the people in my life who are very thoughtful and giving. Over about the past 9 months I've had 3 amazing ladies who I served with in the Relief Society presidency to look up to. They have been great examples of being selfless and always thinking of others. With ward boundary changes we are no longer together as a presidency, but I will always remember their faithfulness, love, and dedication. (Becky, Courtney, Ashley... I love you guys!) I feel like I learned a lot from this calling and am grateful for the chance I had to serve in the Relief Society.

Through example and service we can change lives. We don't make a difference by thinking about doing something, we must act. I recently noticed that I sometimes think about all of the stuff I have to do more than I spend time actually doing it. Instead of writing out my To-do lists and gradually checking off the easy ones... I just need to DO. Easy enough, right? haha, we'll see!

School is starting soon... 
and I'm already starting to get a bit stressed! Ahh!!!

 Let's do the math:
16 credits of school + Rep for the NSSLHA club + work + Institute council= 
no time. stess. Adios social life!

I am already worrying about how I can manage my time so I can keep my grades up and have time to study, work, and be able to be involved in my church calling (member of the ASU institute council.) I never realized how much the institute council does until my first meeting today... wowzers! They are a busy group of planners and organizers! The group of people on the council are awesome and you can tell everybody has strong testimonies and unique experiences to bring to the  table. I am excited for this opportunity and new adventure. :)

Well there you have it... a summed up version of my thoughts recently! I know everything will work out if I'm doing my part and I trust in the Lord.

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