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10 December 2010

A Time to Dance

Here's my attempt at "scrapbooking" the fun time we had at the institute Christmas dance! We definitely had a good time partying the night away! With great food and fun dancing we all had an enjoyable night! 

{I didn't expect anything less since Jessica and I were in charge of the whole dance. haha! Overall it was a lot of work but totally worth it in the end. Institute council is so much fun and I love being involved with all of the activities that we host!} 

Here are some additional pictures!

Before the dance: After many hours of planning, preparing, and setting
up we were able to transform the institute! It was gorgeous! :)

The girls getting ready!
(Jessica, myself, and Aprill)

(These pictures show the timeline of my hair gradually falling out of the curls... pretty funny and annoying! I guess the bonus was that I was able to sport 3 different hair styles in one night! haha, It's MAGIC!)

Jonny & I eating dinner. 

Jenn + Lexi= Best Friends Forever... 
and ever... and ever... and ever! (we're stuck for eternity! LOL!)

We were the last ones to leave the dance! YAY for clean up! haha

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