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02 July 2009


My family and I had a week vacation to Carlsbad, CA! We went to the beach, played at Legoland, went to an aquarium, and hung out! Here are some pictures!


These are all made from legos... pretty impressive! I think that would be a fun job!

Sisters! (Me, Anna, Lexi)


Anna's first rollercoaster ride... let's just say she didn't want to go on that again. HAHA! Her face is priceless!

Birch Aquarium:

Jenn saves the day... lol.

The best animals at the aquarium. In order of greatness!

1. Seadragons 2. Jelly fish 3. Potbellied seahorses

My mom and step-dad.

Ladies of the family.

Carlsbad beach!

Boogie-boarding was the best!

We also got to reunite with our old neighbors from Las Vegas! (Lexi Bailey)

Goodbye vacation, hello life...

Now my summer has calmed down a lot and I'm occasionally working at State Farm as a secretary and doing summer school. On my spare time I like to hangout with my friends, family, and my boyfriend (Aaron)! Aaron graduated from his first improv class yesterday! He did a great job in his classes' performance!

Missionaries are leaving left and right lately!
My good friend Joey Gamez left yesterday to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in New Jersey! This is at his potluck/ party before he left. Joey became a good friend while at ASU and I am grateful for him being such a great home teacher and friend. He will be an amazing missionary!
(Aaron, Joey, Jenn)

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